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Fitness education, training, coaching, consulting and business success for your Tillamook County fitness enterprise!  When "ordinary" just won't cut it anymore, it's time for you to make the move to "JSE"


 John Spencer Ellis Enterprises, Inc is a full service fitness education, certification and business development company serving fitness business owners and operators since 1992.  You will find quick, affordable, and innovative solutions for your fitness business.  Our concepts of fitness are, at times, unconventional.  This is likely part of the reason for our unmatched success with helping Tillamook County, Oregon fitness business owners and entrepreneurs make more money while providing customers and members with better workouts, and whole-life solutions to being their best.

Our company divisions range from our NCCA-accredited fitness school (NESTA) National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, to Adventure Boot Camp (#1 rated fitness boot camp business program in the world), to our MMA and triathlon coaching divisions (and many points in between). What does this mean to you and your fitness business? It lets you know that regardless of your current Tillamook County fitness business model, or goals for the future, we have a program, educational course, or business program that can help you earn more money while making a bigger difference in your Tillamook County, OR community and the world.


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